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SecretSill Shelf -- Pillow storage for your beautiful decorative pillows!
Kimberly L.,
Kathleen, Georgia

Was the quality what you expected or better?
Better. The large width of the frame and the overall strength of the shelf is excellent.

Were the instructions for installation clear?
My husband installed it for me and says that he did not need the instructions! LOL! He also states that it was easy to figure out due to the precut holes in the frame! I read the instructions and felt that I could have installed it on my own if I had to

Does it do what we say it does, i.e., hold your pillows, is out of the way, blends in with your furniture?
Yes. It also makes me want to make the bed every day so that I can fold up the shelf and see the picture! looks amazing! I LOVE it!!

Will you recommend this product?
I already have!

Mary K.
Marietta, Georgia 

"The quality was better than I expected..very durable and strong to support the many pillows I have!!! My husband is "Mr. Fix-It". He always has some type of negative comment about the installation directions! Not this time! Had it up in 5 seconds -according to him! I love the fact that there were many options for the picture selection. The picture we chose goes perfectly with the rest of the framed pictures. I couldn't decide between Sunset in New Mexico or Rooftops of Florence! Found you all by web search and boy am I glad!!! I absolutely love it!!!"
Anne M.
Exton, Pennsylvania

We hung our secret sill over the weekend. I absolutely love it.
I took a picture so you could see how many pillows are on our bed.

Thomas A.
Charlotte, North Carolina

"I had redone my bedroom and had never had extra pillows. I was having the problem of what to do with them, just as advertised on this website. I googled for "pillow storage". I was looking for something to put in a vacant corner in my bedroom. I like unique things and things that are kind of mechanical, and the sill seemed perfect to me. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend this much, but once I saw the sill in person I realized the price is about right. The quality really surprised me."

Dan and Susan G.
Boothwyn, Pennsylvania

"..I installed the SecretSill..I have to say it is very well constructed. The instructions were very clear. The pre-drilled holes made is so easy to install. The print of Florence Italy is beautiful. It is so easy to use and the large shelf holds all the pillows. We are very pleased with your product." 


Cindy G.
Limerick, Pennsylvania

"I love my SecretSill!!! The photo quality is a work of art, and the craftsmanship is remarkable. I love showing it to my guests and seeing their surprised looks when I share with them "the Secret"!!! Great Job!"