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About the manufacturer

Our manufacturer, Woodcraft Products, Inc. was founded in 1946 by returning WWII veteran Andrew Jacoby Sr. and has remained a family owned and operated business for over 61 years.  Integrity, fine craftsmanship and commitment make our business relationship a success.
Custom wood options are crafted of woods from Lancaster, Pa. and other east coast mills. Reclaimed wood is an option we are proud to offer! Old wood with a new finish looks just as beautiful as our other woods and finishes. 

About Joyce Munyan

In addition to working full-time at Villanova University’s College of Engineering, Joyce succeeded in identifying and solving a daily problem in the home – where to put your bed’s decorative pillows when it’s time to go to sleep. Most people toss the pillows on the floor or a chair but now, there is the SecretSill. Disguised as a picture hanging on the wall, the SecretSill easily drops down to a shelf to hold your pillows while your rest. Manufactured in Philadelphia, the SecretSill is decorative and functional – a truly unique combination. Quality crafted with tremendous flexibility for decorating, it is easily installed and protects your bedding. Chic yet useful, the SecretSill blends in and adds space to any room in the home. Joyce, a mother of four, lives in Lafayette Hill, Pa. with her husband of 32 years, Tom. 


Time to move the pillows...

Wouldnt it be nice to sit and read instead of housing these pillows?

In 1998, the idea of the SecretSill™ came to a busy working mother who performed the nightly ritual of moving pillows one by one onto the floor.  After a few years, a corner chair was added to the bedroom.  The pillows graduated from the floor to the chair — but chairs are for sitting, not storing pillows.

The first name given to this
product was the “Shamster.”  It was a sign of the times, for sure.  As the product took shape, so did the name, and
SecretSill became the name of the wall hanging that would forever indicate that — this is where you put those pillows or anything else that needs temporary housing!




Chairs and chaises are for sitting -- not holding pillows!
A beautiful chaise complements the furniture but you can't sit on it because the expensive pillows need to be kept clean.

Let's put the chair to good use.

Beautiful pillows thrown on the floor

This is the actual location of where these pillows were stored at night. 

And the no longer an option.